Anselm Hauke



"Since November 2004 I am the proud owner of an Arcus Sinfonia bass-bow.

Since then it is the only bow that I play with. I do not use my wooden bows any more, not even my good old „Albert Nürnberger“, which had been my preferred bow for many years.

Prior to my purchase I have tried two Sinfonia and two Concerto bows together with my wooden bows. Extensive trials (including blind tests) with several colleagues and instruments provided most interesting results. It was enlightening how important the combination of player, instrument and bow is. Not to speak about the different sound ideals of the involved players.

My Sinfonia was the bow that allowed me to play and sound in my best possible way. The sound is stronger, clearer, free of the typical bow noise. My impression is that the tone is more focused and so carries much better in an ensemble and significantly improves the location of the own sound in the orchestra.

To me its bouncing is just about perfect (for example in rapid changes between different bow strokes), the bow does not dance independently, but does what I want. On the lower strings the response with off-string-bowings is much more precise, clear and fast and so allows for more musical expression.

In conclusion I can say - and it is my wish to tell you this - for me it is the best bow that I ever played, and I am more than happy with it."