Gary Dixon



Dear Bernd: I was finally able to try two of your French bass bows, a S5 and a S7. It was worth the wait for the S7. I own a bow make by Pierre-Yves Fuchs that currently sells for $6,000 and have owned bows made by Ried Hudson, Rubino and Sue Lipkins. I found the Arcus bow to be superior in every manner of importance to the player. My wood bow was slightly warmer in tone and that's where it ends. The articulation, agility, control and overall improvement at every level is astounding. Playing passages used in auditions became more clear and easier to perform. I liked what was I was hearing and loved the control I now had with the bow. The bow simply did exactly what I wanted it to do.

I hope your bows are well represented at every double bass event so that all bass players can experience this ear opening difference.